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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hihi, i am currrently in korea already..
it is wayyy to hard to get an internet connection in my apartment
and i have been out so much i barely have a chance to use the computer!

i just got back from my first class of the summer semester
and i am taking the course Heroes, Innovators and Entrepreneurship.

the lecturer is really old, 80+ years old
and he talks so slowly and softly!
i hope lessons will not be like that all throughout the course!

anyways, i gotta head back to school later for a placement test
for my Korean Language Class
so leaving in about 15 mins!

i will try to find time to blog as soon as possible!

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2:20 PM

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i just downloaded Microsoft for Mac 2011 yesterday
really happy about it because my laptop literally had nothing!

it used to only have the basic programs that comes with the laptop when i bought it
and it remained that way since October last year.
other than Messenger (MSN) for Mac which i downloaded but is disfunctional.

finally i dun have to use text-edit for everything
and text-edit is useless btw!

now i have Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel etc.!
and i used Powerpoint to do these pictures up..

these are pictures of my recent graduation trip
but only the first day
because it is wayyyy to hard to crop every picture into the prensentation slide
and make sure the pictures fit in nicely

think i will try to figure out another way to do nice picture arrangements!
otherwise i just upload 5 pictures at once onto Blogger like what i usually do
for the next post!

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12:58 PM

Sunday, June 19, 2011


so sorry!

here are some videos to keep you entertained for the time being :)
i think they are really talented for some reason! haha!

Kurt Hugo Schneider & Sam Tsui
cover of Sara Bareilles - King of Anything

Mike Tompkins
cover of Katy Perry - Fireworks

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12:38 PM

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hi blog, I AM BACK IN SG!
after 14 days of travelling
finally a day to relax at home and slack all i want..

my graduation trip was awesome..
except for the fact i got bitten by bed bugs the 1st night i was in bangkok
and losing my poohbear soft toy and FCUK sunglasses..
everything else was great!!

the next 8 days i will try my best to blog about my trip
before i set off for KOREA for summer school

i am going to Sungkyunkwan University for their summer programme.

It is a private university in Seoul which has students like
Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flower lead actress)
and Moon Geun Young (My Little Bride, Innocent Steps, Marry Me Mary lead actress)

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7:18 PM

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

i think i mentioned this before, i am leaving for my graduation trip TODAY!
the entire trip will take 2 weeks
and i will be taking trains and buses throughout my trip,
before flying back via plane from bkk

Cities i will visit:
KL, Penang, Surat Thani, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Cha-am, BKK

i am not bringing my laptop along with me
so i will not be blogging the next 14 days
till i am back in Singapore.


pictures of my day out with nicholas on his birthday yesterday!
Dining at Waraku Marina Square..

i sent him home after lunch because he was feeling under the weather
and needed to go home to get rest
so that he will be better for the holiday starting in 3 hours time!

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5:06 AM

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i met up with my uni friends LL, Bob, Gen on Monday
because i went back to school to collect a document!

after leaving school
we went to eat at Charlie Brown Cafe at 313 Somerset.
my lil sis elaine came along too!

i think Charlie Brown Cafe is a camera friendly place because
of all the Snoopy Cartoon Characters adorning every corner of the restaurant
from the tables to the ceiling to the food..

the food there is good, but not fantastic
worth a try at least for the ambience!

Charlie Brown Cafe has alot of ongoing discounts too like
1-for-1 Lasagna
30% off certain food items
10% discount with UOB cards
and $4.90 for $10 worth of food with the G-market voucher (click below)

Charlie Brown Cafe G-market Voucher

the restaurant is located right outside the 313 Somerset main building
(nearest exit is the one next to Marche)

i bought a couple of stuff in Orchard
while shopping with my lil sis :)

Diva, the accessories store is having a sale
with sale items ranging from S$3 - S$9!!

I bought this whimsical sequined headband for S$7
from the 313 Somerset Diva store

I also went New Look and got a pair of shoes
because they were on sale.

Original Price: $43.90
Sale Price: $23.90
What i Paid: $22.70

there was an additional 5% discount off sale items with my Citibank Card

then i headed to Takashimaya
and bought stuff from Sephora.

-Sephora Nano Pencil Eyeliner (No.13 Precious Silver)
-Sephora Flashy Liner (No.09 Flashy Pink)
-Soap & Glory Eye Brightener (You Won't Believe You Eyes)
-Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm (Acai Berry)

these 4 items costs S$56,
but because i had a remaining $50 Sephora voucher
my friends gave me for my birthday last year
i only paid $6!!! :D

-Sephora Nano Pencil Eyeliner (No.13 Precious Silver) - S$9
-Sephora Flashy Liner (No.09 Flashy Pink) - S$13

-Soap & Glory Eye Brightener (You Won't Believe You Eyes) - S$26

-Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm (Acai Berry) - S$8


then my boyfriend's birthday is today!!

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12:10 AM

Monday, May 30, 2011

last thursday, i went out with my JC friends,
yuzhen and shiyi
with the intention to watch a movie and ice Skate

we watched Pirates of the Carribean 4: On Stranger Tides
which was quite nice,
though it could have been better if
Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley were not omitted from the plot this time!

i think it is not to be missed if u watched the first 3 movies too :D

then as i said, me and my friends intended to go ice-skating at Kallang Leisure Park
but it is freaking expensive!!
It costs $13 for 2 hours,
and because we didnt bring gloves and socks
it is $4 more,
meaning it adds up to a total of $17 per person!!

lesson learnt: next time be prepared with gloves and socks if you wanna go iceskating

in the end, we didn't go iceskating and went for dinner at Geylang instead
there is this dimsum place at Geylang Lorong 11 (or Lorong 13)
which has very nice food

pictures below to make you all hungry!
except the chicken feet.. which shiyi wanted to order for herself to eat! HAHAHA!

we ordered all these (7 dishes and 3 drinks)
which worked out to be $33 in total for the three of us!
$11 per person..

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8:22 PM

Saturday, May 28, 2011

btw, i will post entries the next 3 days before i leave for my graduation road trip.

here are pictures of 3 cards i made today for my badminton friends
hope they like the cards!

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6:34 PM

Friday, May 27, 2011

i went to Orchard to meet my ex- colleagues from Bank of Tokyo on wed night!
havent met them in a while since we were all either busy with exams or work!

we went to the SushiTei at Takashimaya for dinner
and i realized that not many people know that there is SushiTei at Taka..
because its location is really weird!

you would have to go to the 2nd floor, to the Taxi stand
cross the zebra crossing to arrive at the restaurant
in my opinion, it is definitely in a location
that is sorta 'neither here nor there'!

really happy that i get to see my friends
after such a long period of time!
like jodee & jx on tuesday
my ex-colleagues on wednesday
my PJC friends on thursday (pictures up tmr)

i really hope to see more people in the next few days,
if not i have to wait till 2 weeks later.
from the 1st - 14th June!

then i will be back for 9 days

there i said it, finally! :)

click this link below to post ur questions:

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12:31 AM

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